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Hay, Straw, Haylage
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Hay, Straw, Haylage
Grown & baled solely on our farm, we can be sure of the quality of our Hay products. Hay & Straw are available for delivery or collection.

Course & Meadow Hay

Small Conventional Bales
(25% Longer than a standard size conventional bale average 32 bales to a tonne.)  £7.50
Round Bales
(122cm) 220 kg £40
Large square Bales
(80x70x245 cm) 240 kg £35-£40

Barley Straw

Small Conventional barley bales
(25% Longer  than a standard size Conventional bale Average 40 to a tonne.) £3.50
Large Square 4 String Barley Bales
(80cm x 70cm x 245cm) 230 kg £25

Top quality Timothy and Ryegrass Haylage
Plus meadow haylage 

2nd cut Large Round Haylage 300 kg £35  
1st cut Large Square Haylage (80cm x 70cm x 130cm) 260kg.  £40                    
2nd cut Large Square Haylage 240 kg £30  
Small Conventional Bale Haylage 30 kg £7  

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